What do our classes cover?

We offer 4 x terms of classes per year for Beginners/Beginners Plus and/or Improvers and Intermediate level.  Our classes are comprised of a variety of Latin dance genres such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Rueda de Casino (Cuban salsa), Cha Cha, Zouk and Kizomba.


  • 6:00pm-7:00pm  -  SALSA Beginners (basic Salsa, timing & rhythm, leading & following, simple turns, partnering, combos using all 7 basic steps & new learn new moves)

  • 7:00pm-8:00pm - KIZOMBA Fundamentals learn the basics & fundamentals of Kizomba and some cool moves that you can use on the social dance floor)

  • 8:00pm-9:00pm - ZOUK Improvers (build on what you learn’t so far from Term 2, plus fun isolations and a whole lot more!)

8-week class cost:    

  • singles $65.00

  • couples $120.00

  • casual rate $10.00/night

In class it is not necessary for you to have a partner. We frequently rotate partners during the class, so that you get to dance with all of the opposite gender. Doing this is good for developing your skills as everyone has a different style and skill level of dancing.

Those with partners who would like to solely dance with their own partner are welcome to do so however.   A number of “helpers” are present at the class, and will join in or stand down to help create an even balance of men/women. Helpers are normally senior members who have been dancing for quite some time, and will do what they can to assist beginner and improver students during the classes.



Beginners & Open Level

At this level you will learn all the key elements and fundamentals of "linear" style salsa (on1). This course is aimed for the student who has little or no experience in salsa. We start from the very beginning with all the salsa basics, rhythm & timing. We will then continue with the fundamentals of partner dancing, basic lead and following techniques, turns and how to put it all together into basic figures and fun easy flowing variations.

Throughout this course, your goal is to learn the basic terminology, understand the 7 fundamental basic salsa steps and be able to lead (if you are the leader) OR be able to follow (if you are the follower) the basic figures and variations taught in the course. The basics taught in this fundamental course are absolutely vital as they will follow you throughout and always be referred to in higher levels.

Pre-requisite: None



Improvers is for those who have completed Beginners and feel they are ready to move on, or may have done a salsa beginners course elsewhere and are not sure where they fit in. This course will explore how you can change the look of the basics you have learned in Beginners without changing the actual basic steps.

Basics boring...?! No way! It is here you will creatively explore the beginners level further and find out how much fun it can really be with the simplicity of the basics and its variations! This course will also give you an even more solid foundation and understanding of the basics and build your confidence.  Please note that this course is not suitable for absolute beginners as it is assumed that you have full understanding of the basic steps and terminology.

In this class you will learn to combine and create variations of the fundamentals taught in the beginners course, taking your salsa dancing to a new level. You will learn how to make your dancing flow with simple, fun and interesting concepts and moves.  Basic salsa styling is introduced. By the end of the course, you should be able to dance to slow and normal salsa music, lead and follow improver level combinations and keep the timing while dancing.


Pre-requisite: Must have full understanding of Beginners



These classes are for dancers who are familiar with and are comfortable with all the steps, turns, partner fundamentals and variations of beginners & improver levels. We will continue with exciting combinations by incorporating even more variations of all the basic fundamentals. You will learn new skills and fundamentals that intermediate salsa dancers should posses and master.

We will also focus on, and enhance your lead/following technique. New footwork variations working on timing, weight transfer, speed, technique, balance, body movement, arms and more. Also introduction to lead and follow multiple spinning. This level will use all the key aspects of the previous levels to prepare the you for the more challenging variations and shines of Intermediate moves.

Pre-requisite: Must have full understanding of beginners & improvers


Private Dance Lessons

  • A Private Lesson is the most appropriate and efficient way of learning how to dance in no time. Our instructors will follow a structured syllabus but will customize your lessons to fit any style that you need.

  • A Private Lesson is the most appropriate and efficient way of learning how to dance in no time. Our instructors will follow a structured syllabus but will customize your lessons to fit any style that you need.

  • Private lessons are important to expand and perfect your dancing skills. Personalized attention will be given to improve your technique, musicality, dance vocabulary and partnering skills which will give you the confidence to dance at any occasion.

  • You choose the style because the lesson will be tailored to suit your needs and interests. Our teachers are trained in a wide variety of dances

  • Private lessons are suitable for those wanting personal attention to their dancing. Lessons are available for Salsa, Bachata, Street Cha, Zouk, Merengue, Kizomba and Rueda (Cuban Salsa) and Wedding dances and more.

  • Lessons can be done 1-on-1, 2-on-1 (two people and one instructor) or 2-on-2 (two people and two instructors). A couple is considered as one leader and one follower. In a private lesson the attention is 100% on you. We can concentrate on your individual needs and attend to details that are not possible in a group class situation.

  • We also offer Wedding dance lessons for the happy couple to be, you can select your own music or we can select some music options for you to choose from.  Lessons available in a variety of Salsa and Latin styles.

  • Semi Private lessons – are a great idea for your next social club, corporate/team building event or special occasion eg. Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries etc.  

  • Every individual have their own special needs when wanting to excel with their dancing, therefore private lessons are a huge benefit and are highly recommended. See below for some reasons on why private lesson could be of benefit to you.


Reasons for Private Lessons

  • Comfortable way of learning.

  • Students get 100% of instructors attention.

  • Customized for the students individual needs.

  • The lessons progress at the student's individual pace.

  • Catch up to the current term if you are late with registering for a course.

  • Accelerate your learning to progress to the next level of classes sooner.

  • Determine class level best suited for you.

  • Wedding dances, social and corporate group activities

To register for our classes or private lessons please contact us by email - salsagroovenz@gmail.com
or call/text - 0273090268