“I had always wanted to learn Salsa and after seeing an ad in the paper i plucked up the courage and went along with two friends – there’s safety in numbers.  Those two friends went for two terms but i really wanted to do more classes.  I was a bit nervous about carrying on by myself but I’m still going three years later and hate to miss a class or party.  My husband is not interested in dancing and i worried about going without a partner.  However there are other guys and girls whose partners don’t dance and because you change partners in class often you are not short of a dance partner.  It took me six months before i would attend a party but it is true what they say – you can be taught salsa in classes but you don’t really learn until you dance socially at parties.  Salsa is a great way to meet new people, is great for your confidence and self esteem and with me the added bonus of wight loss.  Salsa is my passion and i always feel on a high after classes and parties.”

L. Murphy, Blenheim

“We have been together  5 years now.  I was new to dancing, it was one of those things i had always wanted to do and found the courage to give it a go.  I found it to be fun, good exercise and met some lovely people.  I wasn’t looking for a relationship so i guess that was a bonus.  We became friends first and the relationship developed.  My partner had danced previously then came back to it as a social thing and because he likes to dance.   We are an older couple (over  50) so it’s never too late to start and it’s great to have a common interest.  It is a fabulous way to meet people and would definitely recommend it to others to give it a go.  The people are friendly and dancing is good for the soul”

 L. Reeves, Blenheim

“My partner  wanted us to have some quality time once a week and asked me what i would like to do? He was hoping for a date night and i said i wanted to dance.  So in order to keep me happy he brought me to salsa classes each week for a year so far.  We liked the fact that we met new people and absolutely loved the parties.  We would recommend it to everyone.  It’s a good way to exercise and  at the same time as connecting with your partner and meeting new lovely people.”

Bianca and Andrew, Blenheim

Are you Man enough? “My very first taste of Salsa dancing was in The Palms shopping mall in Christchurch. A dancing school was performing a Salsa demonstration by some of their top dancers right in the middle of the mall. A large crowd had gathered to watch as the Latin rhythms coursed gently across the space. The women, of all different shapes and sizes, were beautifully adorned in sparkling costumes and the suave men seemed to be leading them expertly and effortlessly like marionette dolls. I was utterly entranced. Simply mesmerized by these dancers. Something stirred deep within me and I knew, that I just HAD to learn.

It took me around eight, long and wasted years before I finally convinced my husband to give it a go. In New Zealand, we seem to have an overwhelming stigma which states that men – for some unfathomable reason – should not dance. Little do Kiwi men know, the intense attractiveness that enshrouds any man who is able to swirl a lady around a dance floor and let her reveal her true desire – to dance. Those men who are brave enough, quickly realize what hot property they transform into even after learning just a few basic steps. So when my husband came along and discovered how simple it actually was, he took to it like a duck to water. Lapping up the attention festooned upon any man who is daring enough to take the plunge. We have both been dancing now for around seven years and go along to classes with Salsa Groove as well as the social parties both here and in Nelson. He loves it so much, that he even goes along when I can’t. It is such a great form of fitness, we don’t even notice that we are exercising. We are far too busy having fun. Salsa Groove provides a great, encouraging environment with the knowledge that we all had to start at the beginning.

Don’t wait, do it today – for tomorrow doesn’t always arrive. You might even find that you love it!

– S & H Schmidt, Blenheim

We only had about 6 weeks to organise some dance lessons for our wedding dance, contacted Salsa Groove who were happy to help us out. We learn’t so much in the short time with teachers Gary & Karen and would highly recommend them and the dance school for private lessons. The dance went so good at our wedding, alot of people cried.

- J & J Osbourne, Blenheim

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